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Become a biosimilars investigator with QuintilesIMS

We are expanding our investigator network to meet global demands for biosimilar trials across a range of therapy areas. Sites caring for patients who cannot access originator biologics due to cost are in the best position to participate in biosimilar trials. We encourage investigators in these settings to consider participation – not only to provide their patients with immediate access to active biologic therapy at no cost, but also to help extend access to biologic therapies to more patients worldwide through developing affordable approved biosimilars.

Whether you are already a QuintilesIMS investigator or new to QuintilesIMS, register your interest in becoming an investigator on biosimilar trials today!

If you are a QuintilesIMS investigator with an Infosario® account, update your Investigator Profile or talk with your local QuintilesIMS representative. If you are a QuintilesIMS investigator but do not have an Infosario account or if you are new to QuintilesIMS, click here.

Other enquiries   +

To make a general biosimilars enquiry, please send us an email at

To learn more about QuintilesIMS’ capabilities in biosimilar development, please visit

Why should my site participate in biosimilar trials?   +

The development of biosimilars is an emerging field with the exciting prospect of bringing lower-cost biologics to market. While improving access is the primary goal, we believe there are a number of other benefits – both immediate and longer-term – which make participation in biosimilars research worthwhile.

Patient benefits

  • Immediate access to active biologic medication (either the branded originator or a biosimilar candidate) at no cost to them or their insurers
  • Relatively low risk of treatment failure because clinical trials use the approved regimen for the licensed originator biologic
  • Comprehensive care from a specialist team throughout the trial

Site benefits

  • Gain personal experience with biosimilars before approval and collect clinical data on local populations
  • Establish expertise in an expanding field of drug development and share first-hand experience with colleagues and payers
  • Gain efficiencies through ongoing participation in biosimilar trials (as protocols for the same originator biologic will be very similar)
Why did QuintilesIMS develop Biosimilars Knowledge Connect?   +

In 2012, QuintilesIMS conducted a global survey of clinical investigators and found that more than 75% were interested in participating in biosimilar research, but still had a number of questions and concerns regarding the official definition of “similarity,” how this standard is enforced by regulatory authorities, whether licensed biosimilars are really safe to prescribe, and the potential benefits of patient participation in biosimilar studies.

To address the need for education, QuintilesIMS launched Biosimilars Knowledge Connect, a global initiative to inform investigators about biosimilars and their role in improving patient access to potentially life-saving biologic medicines. This initiative included personal outreach to investigators working with QuintilesIMS, as well as the development of this website and a number of other educational resources that you can find within the Resources section.

Who manages Biosimilars Knowledge Connect?   +

Biosimilars Knowledge Connect is managed by the QuintilesIMS Biosimilars Center of Excellence (BCOE), a team dedicated to the development of biosimilar products from inception to commercialization. Members of the BCOE, and a number of other biosimilars experts across the organization, have played key roles in the evolving biosimilar landscape over the past decade within the European Union, United States, Southeast Asia, Latin America, and other emerging markets.